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Turn risky advertisement investments into fixed trade margin!
TV LEAD MANAGEMENT is an interactive sales channel of your products with TV advertisement.
Well known “Lead management” - the system of customer attraction in the internet when you pay only for the concrete actions of you customers (site browsing, application, etc). Our technology, TV Lead management "Po Zvonki”, allows you to pay only for the interested costumers calls to your or rented call center.
Your additional benefits are free traffic to the site and increased awareness of your product/service (brand building).
Flip the sales funnel!

You have the best product/service, we take over your advertisement risks and demand!
How does it work?
People see
TV advertisement
Sells manager talks to the customer
Interested customers call
The amount specified in advance is taken from you
our proposal
Fixed price of the lead
No risk
Everything is listed in the contract
Online report in real time
Payment is taken only for the real lead
No indirect demands
Your personal account on the project’s site
Which have operational information
For whom it will be relevant
What products may be demand
Dietary supplement
Consumer goods
Household appliances
Other products
Dietary supplement vitamins
Dietary supplement for the joints
Impulse washing machine
1000 ₽
700 ₽
1000 ₽
The cost of the lead
The cost of the lead
The cost of the lead
Amount of calls per day
Amount of calls per day
Amount of calls per day
Conversion rate in orders
Conversion rate in orders
Conversion rate in orders
Personal account
detailed analysis
of a real case
Commodity group “dietary supplements and food additives”
Products and “offer”
For the test we selected one core product (“engine”) and four additional products (“cross”) with other useful properties for the target audience. In the TV video is described the benefit of core product and announced a price of 2 990 rubles for one package. For the operator of call center is prepared an offer including several product combination:
  1. Main proposal. A course of 3 packages of the core product at a price of 1,990 rubles per package (33% discount to the price of 2,990 rubles from advertising or "the third package as a gift"), for a total of 5,970 rubles plus 380 rubles for delivery.
  2. In addition to the main offer "crosses" at a price of 990 rubles. for packaging (23% discount to the price of 1 290 rubles).
  3. Gift. For any purchase for a total amount of 7,990 rubles. delivery is free and "cross" No. 4 as a gift.
  4. One package "on trial". If you refuse to buy the full course, you are offered to buy one package of the main product at the price of 2,990 rubles (as in advertising) and / or "cross" at a price of 1,290 rubles, plus 380 rubles. for delivery.
  5. The course of "crosses". Two packages of any of the crosses No. 1,2,3 for 1,980 rubles or cross No. 4 for 990 rubles plus 380 rubles. for delivery.
  6. "Special set" for 1 500 rubles. In case of refusal due to lack of money, a set of two products is offered, similar to the main one, but it has "limited" action, free delivery.
order structure based on test results
241 orders were placed during the test.
For a total amount of 1,366,500 rubles.
The average order receipt was 5,670 rubles.

Just ordered:
To estimate the share of the cost of product and fulfillment in the average receipt, according to the results of the test, a statistical analysis was made of how many products were ordered in the average order.
By filling in the columns of your cost price, you can get
The estimated cost of the product and fulfillment in the average order for this "offer" and the test parameters.
Sales funnel
  1. Of all incoming calls to the Call Center, approximately 80% are new, interested buyers. The rest are repeated, random, and other calls. ONLY calls from new (unique phone numbers), interested buyers are taken into account in the calculations and "spam calls", "hooligan" and other non-trading calls are excluded.
  2. Depending on the technology of the Call center, from 40% to 60% of Calls are converted into Requests during the negotiations between the operator and the buyer.
  3. During a control call, up to 1% of Applications may disappear. In particular, the address, phone number, etc. may not be recorded correctly.
  4. From 18% to 22% of Shipments are not redeemable. The redemption can be improved by courier delivery (for example, CDEK) and an additional call when the parcel is delivered to the buyer's post office
  5. The number of repeat purchases (Lifetime Value) depends on the quality of the product and other individual parameters, so it cannot be reliably predicted.
Example of SALES planning MODEL ("calculator")
Feature – peak load in call center
The traffic of calls from TV ads has a special feature - sharp "peaks" of calls at the time of the ad release. At the same time, there is a large number of unrecognized calls requiring a callback ("call-back"). The conversion of "call-back" calls to applications is usually lower than those received immediately.
To increase the number of calls received immediately, the workload on the Call center is projected.
Example of peak load (number of calls in 5-minute intervals).

Ad videos examples.

The product group

“Food additives and dietary supplements"

Prostatricum(rus) Germany 2 min.

Prostatricum(Kz) Kazakhstan 2 min.

Prostatricum(Kz) Kazakhstan 1 min.
Onyx+f(rus) Israel
Prostatricum m(rus) RF 2 min.
Cistinorm(rus) Germany 2 min.
Sustalad(rus) RF 2 min.
RETON(rus) RF 2 min
LISTVENNICA(rus) RF 2 min.
P.S. After reviewing the advertising materials, the lawyers of the TV channel may require additional documents.
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